Here’s an issue I encountered this week, SMS Executive detected that SMS_Migration_Manager stopped unexpectedly in the event viewer of a secondary site. The problem happens under SCCM 2012 R2 CU1.

Migration manager is the migration service that execute jobs or instructions during the migration. You can refer to Neil Peterson post for more information about Migration Manager.


The logs shows that the problem is permanent and happens every hour.


ERROR: [MigMCtrl]: FAILED to CREATE JobManager instance. error = The parameter is incorrect., 80070057

ERROR: [MigMCtrl]: FAILED to START WorkItemMgr. error = The parameter is incorrect., 80070057

ERROR: [MigMCtrl]: FAILED to INITIALIZE. error = The parameter is incorrect., 80070057


I’m still trying to figure out why the SMS_Migration_Manager stopped unexpectedly. I’ll post more information if I find the root cause of this issue.


To resolve the SMS_Migration_Manager stopped unexpectedly issue, please follow this procedure:

  • Connect on an healthy central administrative site or primary site where the problem is not present.
  • Copy microsoft.configurationmanagement.migrationmanager.dll from the healthy server to unhealthy server in a temp folder.
  • I suggest to backup the unhealthy DLL file in case you need to rollback.
  • Place the new file from healthy server under (installation directory)\(microsoft configuration manager folder)\bin\x64 replacing existing file in the unhealthy server.
  • Open command prompt with admin privileges and navigate to c:\windows\\framework64\v4.0.30319
  • Run command : regasm.exe (installation directory)\(microsoft configuration manager folder)\bin\x64\microsoft.configurationmanagement.migrationmanager.dll /codebase
  • Restart SMS_Executive service on the unhealthy server.


You can see migmctrl.log having no error after the resolution and few hours. You should not see the SMS_Migration_Manager stopped unexpectedly in the event viewer.

SMS_Migration_Manager stopped unexpectedly

(SMS_Migration_Manager stopped unexpectedly)

Comments (4)

Codi Campbell

05.02.2016 AT 08:40 AM
So I have a similar error, at least that it deals with errors in the SMS Migration Manager. My error code is 8601. We have a standalone server with no other distribution points or sites. When I first got here there was a SCCM server in place but it had gone for a few months without care. I chose to retire it and roll up to the newest version in the process. I'm getting an error that my current server is unable to connect to the old server. The old server is completely offline, I'm not even sure how the current server is aware it exists, let alone attempts to call out to it. Is there anything I can change to get this fixed? I've done some searching myself and apparently I have quite a unique scenario. A picture of the error is here but it doesn't describe anything more then I already have above.


11.09.2015 AT 12:04 PM
Are there any options if we do not have a secondary central administrative site or primary site ? Thnx, J

Nicolas Pilon

11.10.2015 AT 11:18 AM
Hello Jo, can you explain a bit more? Thanks

Matt C

10.08.2014 AT 06:16 AM
Thanks so much for this fix, saved me hours of potential frustration!