No Enrollment Policy during Intune Client Installation

Nicolas PilonClient, Intune, SCCM1 Comment

  When a company wants to manage an iOS mobile device, an Apple Push Notification Service (APN) certificate is installed on the iOS devices. This certificate installation makes sure that the connectivity between the devices, Apple, and your MDM solution is trusted. Intune makes no exception to this process. It’s the main reason why, from Intune or SCCM console, you have the possibility to send remote actions directly on iOS devices. After the certificate is configured in Intune, users can install the Company Portal app to enroll their devices (Android, iOS, Windows). When you open the Company Portal for the first time, the user must enter his tenant credentials to identify himself. Once the authentication succeeds, the Company portal will prompt the user to install an MDM profile including the APN certificate. If the configuration of your Apple APN certificate is missing or expires, the No Enrollment Policy error message appears. Do not panic. … Read More