Configure High-Impact Task Sequence Settings in SCCM 1702

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Starting with SCCM 1702, new options are available in Task Sequences. It’s now possible to give more information about Task Sequence in Software Center (restart required, the download size of the task sequence, and the estimated run time), create a custom notification for high-risk deployments and configure any task sequence as a high-risk deployment. The new options can be found in the properties of any Task Sequence. We will configure those options and shows how it affect the end user. SCCM High-Impact Task Sequence Settings It’s possible to configure any task sequence (including non-operating system task sequences) as a high-risk deployment. This will allows the user to receive a notification before the task sequence runs which can be customized by the SCCM administrator. Go to Software Library / Operating Systems / Task Sequences Right-Click your task sequence, select Properties On the User Notification tab, you can select to use default text or a custom text Let’s … Read More

How to enable the new SCCM 1511 Software Center

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SCCM 1511 contains many new features, one of them is the improved Software Center. After installing or upgrading to SCCM 1511, on an updated client you’ll see that the Software Center hasn’t changed. This is because the new Software Center is not enabled by default. This blog post will describe how to enable the new SCCM 1511 Software Center. Some of the main improvements : Possibility to view Users and Device deployments New visual design Device Compliance is now part of Software Center. Don’t get confused, this is not for Compliance Settings (DCM) it’s for Conditional Access scenarios Silverlight is no longer a requirement Enable the new SCCM 1511 Software Center The new Software Center is enabled through SCCM Client Settings. To enable the function and deploy it to your machines : Open the SCCM Console Go to Administration / Client Settings Create a new Client Settings or modify the one your using. For this post … Read More

Deploy RSAT for Windows 10 using SCCM 2012

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Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) is a Windows Server component for remote management of other devices. RSAT allows administrators to run snap-ins and tools on a remote device to manage features, roles and role services. The software includes tools like Bitlocker Password Recovery, Group Policy management, NIC Teaming and many more. A lot of IT guys use this tool in their day to day basis. Microsoft has released RSAT for Windows 10 so if you are an SCCM admin, instead of manually install via the link, you can create an application in SCCM 2012 and make it available to every Windows 10 computer or to users who have the right to use RSAT. This post will show you how to create this application in SCCM 2012. Step 1 | Create RSAT Application Click on this link, download and save the source files needed in your content directory. These files will be used as the source of the application. … Read More

Software Center displays “Less than 1 Mb” on each Applications.

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Software Center displays "Less than 1 Mb" on each applications

SCCM Software Center displays “Less than 1 Mb” on each application that are installed on a machine. This post shows how to fix SCCM Software Center Less 1Mb error. This value is not configurable in SCCM. It is automatically calculated when you install an application. SCCM version is 2012 R2 CU2. SCCM Software Center Less 1Mb Cause This is a display bug coming from Software Center. When clicking on an application, the information is updated and displayed correctly. In my example, I clicked on both Adobe Reader and Flash Player. When hitting F5 to refresh, you’re getting back to square 1 : Software center displays “Less than 1 mb” on each application. You can easily reproduce the problem by clicking on any applications and by refreshing. Resolution I’ve submitted this bug to Microsoft Connect. Please up-vote my submission if you’re experiencing the same problem. The more up-vote it gets, the more … Read More

Configuration Manager 2012 Client Command List

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I recently found in our infrastructure that a lot of new Windows Server 2012 Core Edition were installed for specific reason. This edition can cause some problems to administrators that are not aware of SCCM commands. Here is the list of actions that will be covered in this post: Configuration Manager client services and properties Configuration Manager agent scan trigger EndPoint Protection client installation and properties Logs directory There’s a lot of commands that can be execute but I will give you the minimum to remember. From ‘cmd’, type those commands for configuration manager. Configuration Manager Client Scan Trigger with WMI You can also trigger agent from WMI command line if you don’t want to open the configuration manager properties. Troubleshooting Make sure to run those commands as administrator else you will receive an access denied error message. If the execution is successful, you should see something like this. Configuration … Read More