BridgeWays announced new and improved features for Tibanna, including the addition of SQL server monitoring and enhanced chart capabilities allowing for easier and more in-depth analysis.

Tibanna is a cloud-based/SaaS IT monitoring solution that uses Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) in the back-end to provide proactive alert generation. Allowing IT administrators to proactively monitor a computer network and thereby reduce the risk of unplanned system downtime. Tibanna delivers an enterprise-level monitoring solution that you can afford. Utilizing one of the best enterprise management and monitoring solutions on the market Microsoft System Center

The Tibanna new features will enable IT administrators to:

  • Monitor their SQL servers 
  • Use Run As account with encrypted credentials, and credentials will pass from Tibanna to SCOM, they are not stored within Tibanna—resulting in a high level of security for administrators and companies
  • Compare computers across performance metrics within a single chart
  • Use enhanced chart features to easily and meaningfully compare while also saving their selections for trend analysis

Tibanna is an intuitive and simple-to-use web portal allowing for IT monitoring remotely from anywhere and at any time. Features include alert generation, access to an alert knowledge base, computer health-state monitoring, ticketing system and more. Using Tibanna will let administrators gain the upper hand in responding to common IT challenges. 

Tibanna Cloud Monitoring

You can refer to the Tibanna official site for any questions. BridgeWays offers free trials.

The next upcoming webinars on December 17th will cover these Tibanna new features. Register Now!

There is also new Tibanna and Tibanna Plus features and benefits videos that you can watch.


Tibanna Plus

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