SCCM 1810 Client Notification error

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We had an issue in one of our clients site where some SCCM Administrator were receiving SCCM 1810 Client Notification error in the console. They informed us that they just upgraded to SCCM 1810 recently.

When we tried to initiated a client notification on SCCM 1810, the following error occured :

SCCM 1810 Client Notification error

ConfigMgr Error Object:
instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus
Description = "CSspClientOperation: no permission to initiate the operation.";
ErrorCode = 1112017920;
File = "..\\sspclientoperation.cpp";
Line = 1177;
Operation = "ExecMethod";
ParameterInfo = "SMS_ClientOperation";
ProviderName = "WinMgmt";
StatusCode = 2147749889;

SCCM 1810 Client Notification error

Clearly a missing permission in the security role of the affected users… but which one ? We found our answer in the SCCM 1810 What’s new documentation :

SCCM 1810 Client Notification error

A new permission is now required to perform the Client Notification Actions.

SCCM 1810 Client Notification error Resolution

Here’s how to fix this error :

  • Go to Administration\Security\Security Roles
  • Select the security roles that applies to your affected user, right-click and select Properties

SCCM 1810 Client Notification error

  • In the Permission tab, go to Collection (not SMS_Collection)
  • Set Notify Ressource to YES

SCCM 1810 Client Notification error

  • Repeat for any other security role

That’s it, your user will be able to do again their client notification actions.


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3 Comments on “SCCM 1810 Client Notification error”

  1. This is a custom Security role, as seen in the screen shot, and therefore cannot be edited within CM 1810.
    Default built in Sec roles cannot be edited from the GUI.

    Navigate to Prog Files\MSFT Config Manager\Tools\Server tools\RBAViewer.exe
    Open the tree and select the sec role you need to edit.
    Right Click and copy it, give it a unique name, and once this is complete, you can edit this new copied role.
    Give your user this new role-which will appear as a Custom role, & remove the default role that is missing the permission.
    Have your user test his capability.


  2. Hello,

    I’m having an issue with migrating clients from 2012 to 1802. For some reason, clients are reverting back to the old site. I stopped publishing to AD for the old site, ran a script to change the site name, but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. I tried pushing the clients, but no luck either. What am I missing? any suggestions is greatly appreciate it.

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