Software Metering analyzes the usage of any executable files. Asset Intelligence inventory and manage software by using a catalogue. So why would we want to merge both? Have a comprehensive view of your software usage in order to save licensing costs.

Companies spend lots of money on unused software licences each year. Monitor software usage can save lots of money for your organization.

The problem with Software Metering is that it is based on the executable. It does not always mean that the software is installed on a machine. There’s a way to merge software usage with a real installation and that’s the goal of this post.

First of all, you need to use custom labels in Asset Intelligence. Second, you’ll need to create a link between Asset Intelligence and Software Metering. Third, use reporting to share the usage of each installation in your organization.

Asset Intelligence

In our example, we will use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

  • Go into Overview / Asset Intelligence / Inventoried Software and search for Lightroom

Make sure each software are well tagged else read how to maximize the use of Asset Intelligence with Labels.

The combination of custom labels (category, family, label 1 and label 2) that you previously created will create a custom software name. In our example, the software name will be Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

Software Metering

The key to the whole process is to create Software Metering rules that match your Asset Intelligence software name.

  • Go into Overview / Software Metering and click on Create Software Metering Rule
  • Create Software Metering Rule Wizard will open

sccm 2012 asset intelligence inventoried software

  • Enter the custom software name of Asset Intelligence which is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 in the Name textbox
  • Browse, add the selected executable file and it will detect all information automatically or enter manually.
  • Click Next when finishing

By doing so, you’ll be able to track unused licences in your organization.


We created a report for you that shows the software’s last usage by device.

It will help you track your licensing usage and monitor if your organization is buying too much or not enough licences.

You can find all the details about Asset – Installed Software with Custom Labels and Last Usage report.

sccm 2012 software metering custom reports

Troubleshooting the last usage

An empty field in the Last Usage column means that the software has not been used more than the number of days configured in the maintenance tasks or unknown data.

  • Delete Aged Software Metering Data
  • Delete Aged Software Metering Summary Data
  • Summarize Software Metering File Usage Data
  • Summarize Software Metering Monthly Usage Data

To verify the maintenance tasks settings follow these steps:

  • In the SCCM console, click on Administration \ Site Configuration \ Sites from the left panel
  • CAS doesn’t contain those maintenance tasks so select a primary site from the list
  • Select Site Maintenance from the panel
  • Click on a specific task and click Edit

sccm 2012 asset intelligence inventoried software

In the next post, we’ll show you how to uninstall unused licences from this process.

Asset Intelligence Blog Series

sccm 2012 software metering reports

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01.16.2018 AT 07:56 AM
Hi there, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a "Installed Date" to this report or is it just something that would not work out within the query? Thanks Leon


07.27.2015 AT 08:50 PM
Hi, When is the next post due to uninstall unused licences?

Nicolas Pilon

09.21.2015 AT 09:48 AM
Hi Pete, Soon... 🙂 Thanks


03.23.2015 AT 09:19 AM
Hi, I anm new to SCCM. Is this "Merging Last Usage of Software Metering with Custom Labels of Asset Intelligence" an SCCM feature or a separate product? as I can't seem to find the 'Link' capability required to Link a Custom Label (comprising Visio 2010 and 2013) to Software Metering. Regards

Nicolas Pilon

03.23.2015 AT 09:40 AM
Merging Last Usage of Software Metering with Custom Labels of Asset Intelligence is not an SCCM feature, it's a way to customize your SCCM and know the usage of only installed software. Did you read the previous post of Asset Intelligence Series?