Cannot Connect to the Application Server

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The application catalog is one of the nice addition to SCCM 2012. It can be tricky to install, there’s numerous post about different error but the common one is this one. After installing both roles to your site server, when trying to connect to http://yourserver/applicationcatalog you have the following error : Cannot connect to the application server The webserver cannot communicate with the server. This might be a temporary problem. Try Again Later to see if the problem has been corrected.             A good starting point is to look at both component status: SMS_PORTALWEB_CONTROL_MANAGER SMS_AWEBSVC_CONTROL_MANAGER … Read More

SCCM 2012 Reports not Running from the Console

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SCCM reports are great way of getting information from SCCM 2012. Any users who has access to run reports can see them locally  from SCCM Console on their computer. They can also use the reporting web portal to see them (Usually : http://SccmServerName/reports) Problem Your SCCM Reporting Point is running fine, you can see all reports in the console but SCCM 2012 Reports not running when you : Browse to the Monitoring / Reporting / Reports Right-click any SCCM 2012 report and select Run                                Running the same report from the web portal is working … Read More

Using Local Admin Account to install SCCM Client

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I was working in a LAB environment and I didn’t had access to create a user in AD to push clients. As you probably know, SCCM require an installation account to install the client. This account must be a member of the local administrator group on the target computers. Since I had no time to loose, I decided to try the client installation using the local “Administrator” account of my tests machines. The password was all the same so it was worth giving a try. After adding the local Adminstrator and Administrateur (i had english and french OS) account in … Read More

How to create a Report Viewer Role in SCCM 2012

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What if you want to give a console user the rights to only run reports ? Microsoft doesn’t have include a report viewer role in SCCM. You could grant access to the “Read-only Analyst” role which will be enough to run report but maybe you don’t want them to see all nodes. Create a Report Viewer Role in SCCM Here’s what to do to achieve this: SCCM Console / Administration / Security / Security Roles Right click on Read-only Analysts Select Copy          Go throught each node and keep only Run Reports and Read to YES At the end, … Read More