Identify Office Products with its architecture using SCCM report

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I did blog post year ago on Microsoft office product versions with its architecture type and count. But lately, my blog readers have requested to add Office 365 ProPlus product into the report.

The Original Office Product report was created to include all Microsoft Office products from Office 2007 to Office 2016 but it doesn’t have any click-to-run (C2R) products which are Office 365. So we started looking around and developed the report for you.

This free report will have all Microsoft Office products information with its architecture type (x86 or x64) and the count. The report can be run on a specific collection which is useful to scope specific group of machines.

This can be used as all-in-one SCCM report for Microsoft Office product versions with architecture type.

This report comes with a drill-down feature to see the list of all devices with the selected product. You’ll need our Asset –  Installed Software report for the drill-down feature.

sccm report office product
  • Click on the number of installations to see the list of machines. (Available if the Asset – Installed Software is on your server)
sccm report office product

Why does it show more entries than the first report?

The multiple entries are caused because of of the language pack installed on the machine.  1 PC has English, japan and Korea languages installed hence it shows 3 entries.

The 3 entries show also in programs and features as well in resource explorer for the device in SCCM.

You can download this free SCCM Office product report by visiting our product page. The Asset– Office Products report is available in the Report / Asset Section.

For drill-down report, you also need to download Asset – Installed Software report

Upload both the reports into the same folder, change the data source and run the report.

We hope this SCCM report will help you easily identify all your Office products.

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8 Comments on “Identify Office Products with its architecture using SCCM report”

  1. I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. After importing and setting the Data Source I go to run the report but it gives me “No device found”. Is there a Client Setting prerequisite that I need to turn on in order for the information to load? The “Asset – Office 365 Inventory” report loads fine but this one does not. I know I can get the information via making a query in a collection pertaining to Office products.

    1. I have the same exact issue. The report comes back blank no matter the changes I make. Like you I pulled the report for “Asset – Office 365 Inventory” and it returns results. Is there any update to why this report is coming back with no data?

  2. Great report, allthough it will also contian Visual Studio in the results, as you query on ‘Microsoft %Professional%’, so I change line:
    OR (arp.ARPDisplayName0 LIKE ‘Microsoft %Professional%’ AND arp.ProductName0 LIKE ‘%-%’)
    OR (arp.ARPDisplayName0 LIKE ‘Microsoft %Professional%’ AND arp.ARPDisplayName0 NOT LIKE ‘%Visual Studio%’ AND arp.ProductName0 LIKE ‘%-%’)

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