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This blog post has been updated. Please refer to the new SCCM Current Branch Installation Guide.

The new version of SCCM is out ! You may know this version as SCCM Vnext, SCCM 2016 or SCCM 1511. The product group explained on their blog that the new version will be simply called SCCM Current Branch. This blog post is a complete Step-by-step SCCM Installation Guide.

SCCM installation has never been an easy process and the product itself can be complex for inexperienced administrators. With these blog posts, our goal is to bring it a bit further, explaining concepts and best practice rather than just guide the user through the installation process.

If you’re not familiar with SCCM 1511 Features, you can visit this Technet article which covers it all.

If you’re familiar with SCCM 2012 and plans to migrate, read our blog post about What’s New in SCCM 1511 and stop reading this guide. You do not need to do a complete installation if you’re already running SCCM 2012. See our blog post on how to upgrade to SCCM 1511 instead

I hope this guide brings all the information you need and that you’ll appreciate administering it.

Download and own this SCCM Installation Guide in a single PDF file.

The PDF file is a 162 pages document that contains all informations to install and configure SCCM Current Branch. Use our products page or use the button below to download it .


SCCM Installation and Configuration Guide blog series

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05.10.2016 AT 10:41 AM
Hi, I purchased this guide and I have not received yet. Please help.

Benoit Lecours

05.10.2016 AT 11:15 AM
Hi Julio, We currently have an issue sending email to @hotmail.com accounts. Do you have an alternate address ? Write us [email protected] and we'll send you the pdf directly.

Julio Barrientos

05.10.2016 AT 01:31 PM
Hi Benoit, Thank you for getting back to me. My alternative email address is [email protected] Thank you!

Rob Parsons

05.06.2016 AT 03:29 PM
I upgraded from 2012 R2 Sp1 to SCCM 1511 to 1602 without issue. However I can't get the Win PE peer cache to work yet. I turn it on with the new client setting advertised to the collection, the wim downloaded to the machine task via a download task and the SMSTSPeerDownload=TRUE set. The CAS.log on the machine hosting the wim shows the second client calling to it checking for the wim and reports back success. The client computer shows success in its SMSTS.log and adds the Peer Content Server but after all that does a Prioritized Locations and still picks the distribution point. Is there a setting I need to modify so that it picks the Peer Content Server rather than the Multicast Server?

Jim Williams

01.27.2016 AT 08:35 AM
I've purchased the SCCM installation guide, primarily complete a fresh installation of SCCM on Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014 so we can migrate our current setup from Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008. The guide is really good and fairly easy to follow. However, please can I make a suggestion? You mention in the pre-requisites that WSUS is needed as a feature, but you don't actually cover WSUS installation until after installing SCCM. If you install WSUS early in the guide there won't be an option to use SQL for the database. Please could I suggest that you add a section on installing WSUS after the SQL installation, but before the SCCM installation? I left the WSUS installation, thinking I could install it later, but then got a warning when I tried to install SCCM. Many thanks Jim

Frank Garufi Jr.

01.26.2016 AT 12:01 PM
Hi... I purchased this e-book and I'm finding it helpful so far. Thank you!!! One quick question, in section 5.4 - SCCM Accounts. Are these Domain accounts or Local accounts on the primary site server? Thanks....


12.17.2015 AT 05:41 PM
Hi Benoit, Thank you for these excellent resources, and sorry for the long read. I need a bit of guidance to ensure I take the best approach to upgrading. There are 2 things that I need to accomplish: Move SCCM to a new VM (the current hardware is about to go out of warranty), and upgrade from 2012 SP1 to 1511. I was hoping that I would be able to build the 1511 installation side-by-side to the 2012, manually migrate only the items that are needed, and end up with a "clean" installation. I'm relatively inexperienced with SCCM (as is our organization) so I thought taking that approach would result in valuable learning, and a more efficient SCCM instance without the wasted resources due to old junk. It's of note that while my org wants OSD support for Win10, they're reluctant to "cutover" to a new product. At this point, our application deployments are few, our OSD is non-existent, and our reporting needs are minimal. I hope to change all of that for the better. Our current instance has ~3k devices reporting. I've got a clean Server 2012 R2 VM with 4 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, and 500GB of HDD space to migrate to. From my understanding, upgrading side-by-side is not recommended between these two versions. Given our scenario, what path would you recommend to get from the old hardware onto the new, and from 2012 SP1 to 1511?

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02.12.2017 AT 11:11 AM
Well done article that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.

Benoit Lecours

01.07.2016 AT 09:29 AM
Hi Garett, We did a new blog post that covers this scenario. https://systemcenterdudes.com/sccm-1511-migration/ I hope it answer your questions.

Anders Jensen

12.09.2015 AT 01:55 AM
Hi, Just wondering which ADK 10 should be installed with sccm 1511. Is the newest ADK 10 1511 ready or still stick to the first ADK 10 release?. Regards Anders Jensen.

Benoit Lecours

12.09.2015 AT 12:20 PM
SCCM 1511 is also affected by the newest ADK (mentioned in this post http://blogs.technet.com/b/configmgrteam/archive/2015/11/20/issue-with-the-windows-adk-for-windows-10-version-1511.aspx) The issue is caused between the ADK and Windows, not SCCM related. The post will be updated when Microsoft release further information.